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Employee Mental Health During COVID-19

Helping Employees Manage Substance Use and Addiction Recovery During the Coronavirus, COVID-19 Quarantine 


Anxiety, Fear, Stress, Boredom — The Four Deadly Horseman of Substance Abuse.

How is your workforce responding to the current crisis?

Self-medicating with alcohol and drugs is on the increase.  COVID 19 will pass, leaving behind an increased legacy of substance use in the workplace.  Substance use disorder results increased health care costs and lower productivity. In 2019 alone, drugs alcohol and suicide deaths in the United states topped 150,000.  Unfortunately, this is an epidemic that will not pass in the coming weeks.

Take advantage of the Shelter in place time to provide recovery solutions and education to employees

The Freedom 365 – Virtual Recovery System is available, right now, on any phone, tablet or PC for only pennies a day.

Now is the time to invest in the mental health of our workforce.

Please visit us at to schedule a product demo of how Freedom 365 can help your workforce during this trying time.

Finally, if you know anyone who could use additional addiction or substance use support during this trying time, we’re offering Freedom 365 to anyone who needs it for NO COST for a limited time.

Please share this link with anyone who can benefit: NO COST, AT HOME, SUBSTANCE USE PROGRAM 


Brian McAlister

CEO, Freedom 365




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