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Change the COVID-19 Conversation!

7 Easy Ways to Build a More Positive Mindset - Positive RoutinesStaying home and sheltering in place has given most of us an abundance of free time previously unknown.  Couple this with being bombarded 24/7 with tales of economic uncertainty and Covid-19 deaths from the media, and it’s no wonder that anxiety, depression and substance abuse is on the rise.

Its good to stay informed but remember our realty reflects what we think about and what we allow our minds to focus on. Truth be told, most people DO NOT have coronavirus. Yet through misguided fear and anxiety they are suffering non the less.

How often do you reinforce fear-based negative thinking in your own life through a poor inner dialogue? The truth is, we talk to ourselves all day long, and our conversations either underscore our fears or give us confidence.

You have a choice on how you talk to yourself and what types of programming you watch. What types of conversations are you having?

Do you reinforce fears that foster depression and unhealthy substance use? Do you tell yourself, “I don’t know if I can succeed; the obstacles in front of me are too great, so why bother trying?” Do you ask yourself, “How come I never get a break?”

If you are going to give meaning to your thoughts why not come up with some affirmations that make you feel better, rather than rehearse fear and worry. Why not come up with some affirmations that serve your internal dialogue better?

How much more fulfilling could your life be if you reinforced thoughts like these?

  • I can create the reality of my choosing.
  • I am living abundantly today and everyday hereafter.
  • I am perfect in mind, body, and spirit.
  • I can achieve all my goals.

Take some time and write down one or two positive affirmations you can substitute the next time you catch yourself drifting into fear or negativity.

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