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Ask Better Questions While “Sheltering in Place”

Ask Better Questions And You’ll Receive Better Answers

You own the most powerful supercomputer in the known world, and it was given to you free of charge. Your brain. Unfortunately, what we get for free we tend to undervalue or take for granted.  Now more than ever it’s important to intelligently choose to stay focused and avoid self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. Remember, mind-altering chemicals short-circuit your computer. It’s like introducing a virus into your software.

Your mind is a powerful supercomputer that has the ability to solve practically any problem. You simply need to ask it the right question. Ask better questions and you’ll receive better answers. Are your questions focusing on the problem or the solution?

An Example question might be: How come I never have enough money to pay the bills. This question focuses on the problem.  A better question would be: What service can I provide, or action can I take today, to earn more money? This question gets your supercomputer focusing on the solution.

An easy way to manage fear of failure is to change your focus and start asking yourself better questions. Examples of questions to ask yourself might be:

  • How can I use this experience to my advantage?
  • Who can I help as a result of this experience?
  • Who is already getting the results I want?
  • Who knows how to overcome this fear?

These types of questions take the focus off the problem and point it toward a solution.

Many fears are nothing more than misguided imaginings. Stop focusing on things you don’t want, such as obstacles, fears, or old ways of looking at life, and start focusing on what you do want to have happen in your life. Don’t look for the problem in the solution. Instead, rehearse your success in advance.

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