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WEBINAR: Substance Use in The Workforce- Post COVID 19 Solutions

Is Your Business Ready for Post COVID 19 Behavioral Health Challenges?

Coronavirus is expected to have long lasting side effects beyond financial challenges.

Depression, anxiety and substance abuse are thriving in these uncertain times. Now is the time to prepare your organization for the behavioral health tsunami that will most certainly follow the repeal of “Shelter In Place” directives.

Join us for a complimentary, live Webinar on May 27, 2020 where we will discuss:

  • How COVID 19 and “Shelter in Place” orders have impacted the mental health of our workforce
  • The impact employee mental health and wellness has on an organization’s bottom line
  • How forward-looking companies are finding innovative ways to make mental health solutions more accessible

The opioid use epidemic has catapulted employee substance abuse and treatment issues to the top of list of priorities for employees. One recent study found that prescription painkiller abuse is costing employers nationwide an estimated $25.5 billion a year in missed workdays and lost productivity.

With the rise of drug addiction related costs to the employer – employee productivity, absenteeism, disability costs, workers’ compensation claims and overall medical expenses, HR professionals walk a fine line when trying to have early intervention and provide the help an employee needs to help minimize the overall risk to the organization.  We will discuss the innovative tools they are using to help employees with addiction and mental health to combat the trillion dollar substance use epidemic.

This webinar is being held at two separate times — one at 9am EST and one at 2pm EST to accommodate a variety of attendee schedule’s.

Space is limited, so sign-up for either of our time slots today!



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