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Press Release: Freedom 365: The First Virtual Recovery System™ for Addiction


An Innovative New Digital Solution Puts Recovery from Addiction in the Palm of Your Hand

 FAIRFIELD, N.J. — Sept. 4, 2018 — The founders of Full Recovery Wellness Center, a state-licensed addiction treatment facility, are launching the first interactive Virtual Recovery System™, called Freedom 365. This 24-hour-a-day recovery companion provides 365 days of state-of-the-art addiction recovery and relapse-prevention support anywhere, anytime. It is designed to support the process of changing behaviors to achieve long-term sobriety. It is available for use on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

The first-of-its-kind digital solution was developed by Brian McAlister, a nationally recognized recovery expert and No. 1 best-selling author on addiction and recovery with 28 years of personal sobriety. McAlister’s frustration with diminishing access to affordable, quality addiction and recovery services inspired him to create the Freedom 365 Virtual Recovery System.

“Addiction destroys lives, tears apart families and kills hundreds of thousands of people each year, yet access to affordable addiction resources has become increasingly rare,” notes McAlister. “Freedom 365 aims to expand access to the millions of people in need by eliminating barriers like high cost, need for insurance, personal privacy concerns, and time away from family, career and personal obligations.”

The system includes over 500 inspirational videos and a full suite of relapse-prevention tools. Freedom 365 is an affordable and easily accessible support resource for individuals struggling with substance use. Substance use wreaks havoc on family finances; Freedom 365 costs pennies a day. Businesses, universities and government entities struggling under the burden of ever-increasing insurance premiums are including Freedom 365 in their benefits packages to keep costs manageable.

How It Works

The Freedom 365 Virtual Recovery System begins with the interactive 28-Day Kick-Starter Program. The client is guided through a progression of self-reflective activities designed to uncover the root cause of his or her substance use issues. During this phase of the program, individuals complete one module a day, which includes viewing a daily video and answering a series of related questions, plus participation in several other daily exercises. All responses are confidential, HIPAA and FERPA compliant, encrypted, and secure.

Freedom 365 incorporates a comprehensive set of tools to help maintain daily engagement and long-term sobriety. They include:

  • Over 500 inspirational videos.
  • An interactive goal-setting system and personal recovery progress tracker.
  • A customizable “Gratitude Library” — designed to interrupt negative thoughts, the library is a collection of photos and self-written entries, personally uploaded by clients to remind them why they want to stay sober.
  • Personal support contact integration — ready access to key contacts such as doctors, therapists, parents, spouses and other supportive individuals.
  • An integrated group support meeting manager and locator — includes tools to locate AA or other group support meetings.
  • A content on demand search function — finds the corresponding video content for the current challenge the client may be facing.

Inherent in the Freedom 365 app are features that inspire individuals to stay the course and recover. Motivation is achieved through daily self-reflection, affirmation and the celebration of personal milestones.

Types of Organizations That Will Benefit from Freedom 365

In addition to benefiting individuals, Freedom 365 is beneficial to institutions such as universities, businesses and treatment centers, all of which have a vested interest in the well-being of their constituents. Regardless of the community where it exists, addiction has the same impact:

  • Strains staff.
  • Drains financial resources.
  • Contributes to interpersonal conflict.
  • Diminishes success.
  • Damages brand identity.

In all of these situations, Freedom 365 can be implemented almost immediately with positive results.

“People with substance use issues are some of the most resourceful and capable people on the planet,” says McAlister. “The Freedom 365 Virtual Recovery System loads your recovery tool chest with everything needed to succeed both in life and in the quest to leave substance abuse behind.”

For treatment centers, Freedom 365 supports increased after-care recovery success rates. Its early warning relapse indicator keeps former patients engaged and notifies facilities of potential relapse. The app can reduce a variety of operational costs from administrative and staffing to client acquisition, all while providing independent metrics to increase insurance reimbursement. For individuals, it offers a seamless transition from a controlled rehab environment to normal daily life.

About Full Recovery Wellness Center

Full Recovery Wellness Center, located at 87 Fairfield Road in Fairfield, New Jersey, offers cutting-edge treatment designed to produce permanent, positive behavioral changes in substance abusers. The staff of board-certified psychiatrists, MDs, master’s level clinical therapists, counselors and nurses are committed to keeping clients clean and sober. Offering a proprietary program designed to produce action, create momentum and achieve measurable results, Full Recovery Wellness Center offers outpatient services including personal or group counseling and family counseling in a holistic, noninstitutional environment. For additional information, visit For more information about Freedom 365 Virtual Recovery System™, visit

 About Brian McAlister

As a recovery activist, Brian McAlister is committed to helping others recover from addiction and reach their full potential. Brian is the founder, president and CEO of Full Recovery Wellness Center, a state-licensed ambulatory care facility specializing in addiction treatment; and the creator of Freedom 365 Virtual Recovery System™, a digital recovery companion  providing addiction recovery and relapse-prevention support. He is also the author of Full Recovery, the Recovering Person’s Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Power, previously No. 1 on Amazon’s addiction and recovery best-sellers list. Brian’s sober date is Aug. 2, 1990, after decades of addiction.

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