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Helping Treatment Centers Meet New Challenges With a Powerful 24/7 Recovery Support System

Despite Your Hard Work

  • 80% of Patients Relapse After 30 Days
  • 90% of Patients Relapse After Six Months
  • Clients seldom return to back to the same treatment center after relapse

Rehabilitation Centers
Are Facing New Challenges

  • Insurance reimbursements rates are declining every day
  • Insurance companies are demanding independent metrics on recovery rates
  • The cost of acquiring new clientele is increasing daily

What's Worse

  • Increasing government regulation keeps draining administrative and financial resources
  • Manually tracking discharged clients only further burdens thinly stretched staff and finances
  • Government and insurance companies are creating an unsustainable situation

Our Smart Recovery App - Freedom 365™ For Aftercare Aims To

  • Compliment “Medication Assisted Treatment” with a robust “Cognitive Behavior Therapy” program with our online substance abuse counseling alternative
  • Increase recovery success rate for your treatment center
  • Provide independent metrics to increase insurance reimbursement rates
  • Reduce administrative and staffing costs
  • Lower cost per client acquisition rates
  • Keep clients digitally tethered to your treatment programs with our smart recovery app

Why Freedom 365 Works For Aftercare

  • Early Warning Relapse Indicator™ notifies treatment facility of potential relapse
  • Fully automated and customizable; reducing staffing expenses
  • Helps seamlessly transition a client from a controlled rehab environment into normal daily life
  • Provides a robust “Cognitive Behavior Therapy” program to compliment “Medication Assisted Treatment” with an online substance abuse counseling alternative
  • Cost effective way to keep discharged patients engaged with your center
  • State-of-the-art interactive video educational series and integrated web-based application
  • Can be initiated immediately – any time, any place, on any device
  • Delivers verifiable, measurable results ensuring discharge plan compliance
  • Incorporates adaptive learning for long-term continual sobriety
  • Freedom 365 smart recovery app can be “white-labeled” and branded with your treatment center’s logo and colors
  • HIPAA compliant

Track Completion and Success Rates

  • Customizable admin dashboard to manage entire system
  • Track client alumni participation and completion
  • Includes emergency quick-call “link” to your treatment center on all your user’s apps
  • Pull custom usage reports for your center

A Cost Effective Online Substance Abuse Counseling Alternative Solution

  • First of its kind 365-day Virtual Recovery System™ – one-click away
  • Patent pending Early Warning Relapse Indicator™ Notification tool
  • State-of-the-art, interactive video educational series and integrated application
  • Completely automated and fully customizable
  • Highly measurable, data-driven results
  • Incorporating “smart,” self improving technology
  • Offering the exclusive Full Recovery Relapse Prevention Program™
  • Freedom 365™ is HIPAA and FERPA compliant, encrypted and secure.

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Freedom 365 Smart Recovery App Helps
Treatment Centers Succeed

Early Warning Relapse Indicator™ Notifies of Potential Relapses
Low Cost Per Client
Implement Immediately on any Device
Completed on Clients Schedule
Provides Metrics & Tracks Completion
Keeps Alumni Clients Digitally Tethered To Your Center